Mercedes-Benz O302 Coach

Model: O302 - Photo: June, 1981 by John Veerkamp

The Mercedes Benz O302 coach, introduced in the mid 1960's was very popular. There even was a version with fluted steel side panels for the US, which was exported from 1966-1968. The bus in the picture has these side panels, though it belongs to a Dutch company called Westercoach. As Westercoach was transporting US tourists they were eager to give their buses an American look, which presumably is the reason for this unique coach. They later bought an Eagle coach. Most US buses seem to have been of a longer version. They also lacked the emergency door as seen in the picture, which was mandatory on Dutch coaches at the time.

Information Section
Manufacturer: Mercedes Benz AG
Photo Location: Arnhem, Netherlands
Operator: Westercoach (Westercoach)
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