Mercedes-Benz O303 Coach

Model: O303 - Photo: September, 1980 by John Veerkamp

The Mercedes Benz O303 coach was also built as a bus. One example is seen here in the small Dutch town of Culemborg where it was used as a city bus by local operator Streef Tours. In fact, it was the only city bus and seemed rather big. Shortly after these pictures were taken the city service with the bus was taken over by ZO, a regional company, who integrated the city service into their regional network. Streef still exists as a coach operator. This was the only O303 bus in the Netherlands.

Information Section
Manufacturer: Mercedes Benz AG
Photo Location: Culemborg, Netherlands
Operator: Streef Tours (Streef Tours)
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Model: O303 - Photo: by John Veerkamp
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