GMC Buses (Excluding New Look Models)  

GMC Buses
This is a collection of GMC bus photos excluding the New Look (fish bowl) models. It includes all the coaches and the Old Look, RTS, and Classic transit buses.  
1935 Yellow Coach Model 715
Springfield 715
1935 Yellow Coach Model 722
Middlebury 722
1983 Kenosha Transit GMC RTS 04
Kenosha RTS 04
1958 Duke Power GMC Old Look in Dallas, Tex.
Dallas Old Look
1967 Savannah GMC Old Look in Savannah, Ga.
Savannah Old Look
1968 Toledo GMC Old Look
Toledo Old Look
1949 West Towns Old Look in Union, Illinois
Union Old Look
1951 Chicago Motor Coach Lines GMC
Union Old Look
1953 Double A GMC Old Look in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield Old Look
1958 GMC Old Look in Drexel Hill, Pa.
Drexel Hill Old Look
1978 Indiana University GMC RTS 01 in Bloomington, Indiana
Bloomington RTS 01
1978 Kenosha Transit GMC RTS 03
Kenosha RTS 03
GMC RTS 03 in Kokomo, Indiana
Kokomo RTS 03
SCE&G GMC RTS in Columbia, South Carolina
Columbia RTS
1979 JTS GMC RTS 03 in Union, Illinois
Union RTS 03
GTA GMC RTS 03 in Greensboro, NC
Greensboro RTS 03
Kenosha Transit GMC RTS in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Kenosha RTS 03
1982 GMC articulated bus in Mississauga, Ontario
Mississauga Articulated
1986 MATS GMC RTS 04 in Memphis, Tenn
Memphis RTS 04
1986 ex-DDOT GMC Classic in Windsor, Ontario
Windsor Classic
1986 LTC GMC Classic in London, Ontario
London Classic
1987 COTS GMC RTS in Columbus, Ohio
Columbus RTS 06
1987 TTC GMC Classic in Toronto, Ontario
Toronto Classic
1987 Transit Windsor GMC Classic
Windsor Classic
1982 GMC articulated bus in Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton Articulated
London Transit GM Classic in London, Ontario
London Classic
1956 ex-Peninsula Charter GMC
Union Old Look
GMC Silversides PD-3751 in Georgia
1947 GMC Special Coach
Union Special
GMC Silversides in Indiana
Wabash Silversides
1949 Peter Pan GMC coach in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield PD-2903
GMC PD-4103 in Springfield, Massachusetts
Springfield PD-4103
1951 Peter Pan GMC PD-4103 in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield PD-4103
GMC PD-4104 coach in Union, Illinois
Union PD-4104
GMC PD-4106 in Hibbing, Minnesota
Hibbing PD-4106
1959 GMC Coach in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield PD-4104
GMC Coach in Kokomo, Indiana
Kokomo PD-4106
Pioneer Tours GMC PD4106 in Australia
Melbourne PD-4106
Ansett GMC PD4107 in Australia
Melbourne Buffalo Bus
1969 GMC Buffalo Bus in Hibbing, Minnesota
Hibbing Buffalo Bus
1970s GMC Buffalo Bus in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield Buffalo Bus
1970s GMC Buffalo Bus
Cincinnati Buffalo Bus
GMC Scenicruiser in Lynwood, Illinois
Lynwood Scenicruiser