Flxible and Faegol Twin Coach Buses  

Flxible and Faegol Twin Coach Buses
Although the Flxible Company was founded in 1912, their first bus was not produced until 1924. The first bus was mounted on a Studebaker chassis. In the late 1930s, the popular Clipper model was introduced. Other coach models were produced by Flxible the late 1960s. Until the early 1950s, no transit buses were produced by Flxible. That changed when the company bought the production rights for the Twin Coach transit models. From that point on, Flxible was primarily a transit bus manufacturer.

Flxible changed ownership several times. In 1970, Rohr Industries became the owner. In 1978 Grumman Allied Industries purchased Flxible and finally in 1983 General Automotive Corporation (GAC) became the owner. In 1995, the Flxible Corporation ceased operations, and their assets were liquidated. In its years of existence, Flxible was a dominant bus manufacturer in the US. The 1960s Flxible coach design continued in production in Mexico by Dina until the 1980s. Also, an associated company in China called Jiangsu Flxible still produces models using the Flxible name although not all styles are the ones that are seen in American cities.  
1942 Faegol Twin Coach/GMC Bus
1977 Flxible bus in Dallas
1965 CTA Flxible new look in Union, Ill.
Union New Look
1970s Flxible in Mishawaka, Indiana
1971 TARTA Flxible New Look in Toledo, Ohio
Toledo New Look
1973 JTA Flxible New Look in Jacksonville, Fla.
Jacksonville New Look
1973 SEPTA Flxible New Look in Philadelphia, Pa.
Philadelphia New Look
1974 Flxible new look in Richmond, Va.
Richmond New Look
1975 MMTA Flxible New Look in Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore New Look
1976 ex-Red Rose Flxible New Look in Yorktown, Indiana
Yorktown New Look
1976 JTA Flxible New Look in Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville New Look
Flxible New Look in Tijuana, Mexico
Tijuana New Look
1977 Metro Flxible New Look in Washington, DC
Washington New Look
1977 Cambus Flxible new look in Iowa City, Iowa
Iowa City New Look
Restored 1978 Grumman 870 in Springfield, Mass.
Springfield 870
1980 Queens Transit Grumman 870 in New York City
New York City 870
1981 NJT Grumman Flxible 870 in Newark, New Jersey
Newark 870
JTA Grumman 870 in Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville 870
1983 Citilink Flxible Metro in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fort Wayne Metro
1984 CU-MTD Flxible Metro in Champaign, Illinois
Champaign and Urbana Metro
1987 Transpo Flxible Metro in South Bend, Indiana
South Bend Metro
1987 WSTA Flxible Metro in Winston-Salem, NC
Winston-Salem Metro
1988 TARTA Flxible Metro in Toledo, Ohio
Toledo Metro
1988 TARTA Flxible Metro in Toledo, Ohio
Toledo Metro
1988 NJ Transit Flxible Metro in Philadelphia
Philadelphia Metro
NJT Flxible Metro in Hoboken, New Jersey
Hoboken Metro
1989 SMTD Flxible Metro in Springfield, Illinois
Springfield Metro
1990 Metrobus Flxible Metro in Miami
Miami Metro
1990 St. Louis Flxible Metro
St. Louis Metro
1990 GLPTC Flxible Metro in Lafayette, Indiana
Lafayette Metro
1990 MTA Flxible Metro in Baltimore
Baltimore Metro
1991 COTS Flxible Metro in Columbus, Ohio
Columbus Metro
1991 MTA Flxible Metro in Nashville, Tenn.
Nashville Metro
1991 CTA Flxible Metro in Chicago, Illinois
Chiacgo Metro
1991 RMTD Flxible Metro in Rockford, Illinois
Rockford Metro
RTA Flxible Metro in Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Metro
1992 RTD Flxible Metro in Lakewood, Colorado
Lakewood Metro
1992 MVRTA Flxible Metro in Dayton, Ohio
Dayton Metro
1992 MTA Flxible Metro in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Metro
1992 RTA Flxible Metro in Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Metro
1993 COTS Flxible Metro in Columbus, Ohio
Columbus Metro
1993 PA Transit Flxible Metro in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Metro
1993 RCT Flxible Metro in Mansfield, Ohio
Mansfield Metro
1993 KRT Flxible Metro in Charleston, West Virginia
Charleston Metro
1993 TANK Flxible Metro in Covington, Kentucky
Covington Metro
1994 MITS Flxible Metro in Muncie
Muncie Metro
1994 NJ Transit Flxible Suburban in Philadelphia
Philadelphia Metro
1995 COTS Flxible Metro in Columbus, Ohio
Columbus Metro
1995 CTA Flxible Metro in Chicago
Chicago Metro
1995 GLPTC Flxible Metro in Gary, Indiana
Gary Metro
1993 Metro Flxible Metro in Washington, DC
Washington Metro
1946 CTA Twin Coach articulated trolley in Union, Ill
Union Queen Mary
1948 Maarse & Kroon Twin Coach in Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Faegol Twin Coach bus in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Green Bay
1947 Restored Flxible Clipper
Flxible Hi-Liner conversion in Springfield, Mass.
Flxible Flxliner coach
1954 Harran Flxible Visicoach in Springfield, Mass.
Ex-Elvis Flxible VL-100
Flxible VL-100 Coach
1965 Flxible Starliner
Ansett Airlines Flxible Airporter
Melbourne Airporter