Neoplan USA Corporation  

Neoplan Buses in North America
Neoplan USA was the US licensee of the Neoplan the German bus manufacturer, Neoplan. It began operations in 1981 in Lamar, Colorado, but declared bankrupcty in 2005 and shut down in 2006. Neoplan USA had been a major player in the bus market in the US, and had manufactured a wide range of models ranging from 45 foot coaches down to 30 foot transit buses.  
Houston Metro Neoplan Suburban
1992 RTD Neoplan Mall Prototype in Denver
RMTD Neoplan AN430 in Rockford, Ill.
Rockford Transliner
Aspen Neoplan AN435LF
Aspen Transliner
VTA Gillig Neoplan in Santa Clara County, Calif.
Santa Clara County
1981 Atlanta Neoplan N416A
Atlanta Transliner
PA Neoplan Transliner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Transliner
1984 Atlanta Neoplan AN460
Atlanta Transliner
SORTA Neoplan AN440 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Transliner
1987 Philadelphia Neoplan AN440
Philadelphia Transliner
Tourist Tips Neoplan Transliner
Orlando Transliner
1987 SEPTA Neoplan Transliner
Philadelphia Transliner
1988 Rhode Island Neoplan AN440
Providence Transliner
MCTS Neoplan Transliner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee Transliner
LYNX Neoplan Transliner
Orlando Transliner
Dallas Neoplan AN440
Dallas Transliner
RFTA Neoplan Transliner in Aspen, Colorado
Aspen Transliner
Little Rock Neoplan Transliner
Little Rock Transliner
Nashville Neoplan AN440
Nashville Transliner
1997 Bi-State Neoplan Transliner in St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Transliner
KRT Neoplan Transliner in Charleston, WV
Charleston Transliner
PA Neoplan Transliner low floor in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Transliner
PATransit Neoplan AN440LF in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Transliner
Vail Transit Neoplan AN440TLF
Vail Transliner
Boston Logan Airport Neoplan AN440 CNG
Boston Transliner
PATransit Neoplan Composite in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Neoplan
PA Transit Neoplan AN460 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Transliner
DIA Neoplan AN440LF CNG in Denver, Colorado
Denver Transliner
DART Neoplan AN460 articulated in Dallas
Dallas Transliner
RFTA Neoplan AN460 articulated in Aspen
Aspen Transliner
Metro Neoplan AN460 in Houston
Houston Transliner
Houston Metro Neoplan Articulated
MTA Neoplan AN460 articulated in Nashville
Nashville Transliner
2000 SEPTA Neoplan Transliner Articulated Bus in Philadelphia
Philadelphia Transliner
Inland Empire Connection RTA Neoplan AN340 in Los Angeles, Calif.
Los Angeles Metroliner
Stouffer Neoplan Metroliner in Orlando, Florida
Orlando Metroliner
Kennedy Pace Center Neoplan Metroliner
Cape Canaveral Metroliner
Aspen Neoplan AN340
Aspen Metroliner
RTD Neoplan Metroliner in Denver, Colorado
Denver Metroliner
Metro Neoplan AN345/3 in Houston
Houston Metroliner
PATransit Neoplan AN345/3 in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Metroliner
P&B Neoplan N116 in Montreal, Quebec
Montreal CityLiner
Carey Neoplan AN240/3
New York City Jetliner
Victory Lines Neoplan N116 in Atlanta, Georgia
Luxury Coaches Neoplan AN116/3 in New York City
New York City CityLiner
1989 Neoplan Spaceliner RV in Springfield, Massachusetts
Springfield Spaceliner
Gray Line Neoplan Skyliner coach
New York City Skyliner
JTB Neoplan Cityliner in New York City
New York City CityLiner
Olympia Neoplan Cityliner in New York City
New York City CityLiner
Dixon-Meyers Neoplan Cityliner
Union CityLiner
Bus One Neoplan AN117/3
Miami Spaceliner
Horizon Neoplan CityLiner in New York City
New York City CityLiner
Neoplan Cityliner coach in Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Cityliner
Neoplan 122 Open Top Double Decker in Chicago
Chicago Neoplan
1981 MTA Neoplan N122/3 in Los Angeles
Los Angeles Skyliner
Hinode Neoplan N213
New York City Jetliner
Neoplan N122 Coach in Kokomo, Indiana